Grumbling Gardening

Recently my husband had the notion to expand his green thumb empire and put yet another greenhouse on our property.

To be fair, one of our greenhouses had gotten decimated in a hailstorm, so it was scrapped and the frame given to someone just starting their planting endeavors.

So now we had space, and my husband began to plot.

At first, it was harmless. Replace the original greenhouse with something found on social media. Purchase, pick-up, plop-down. I was okay with that. A little effort, but it wasn’t like we were killing our backs.

Then all of a sudden that came onto the table.

“What if we build our own greenhouse?”

Suddenly a ton of work was in my future, and we were on our way to pick up all the supplies from the local hardware store and lumber yard. We loaded down my white truck, tied a red flag to wood poking out the back, and slowly drove home with all this material for a project I wasn’t thrilled about.

My husband had grand plans. His eye was set on this new and improved greenhouse, to be filled with more of his luscious greens. Built-in the middle of the Texas summer heat. Smack dab in a hundred-plus heat wave.

I couldn’t dissuade him. He was gung-ho on this project, but I was gung-go on not getting heat stroke. I told him the only way we would do it is if we got up early to work in the mornings, took off in the afternoons, and then worked a little in the evenings. Of course, all this would be done on the weekends. There goes my next month’s relaxation time.

But you also may remember from previous posts, my husband has had back surgery. Actually, multiple back surgeries. And right before this was supposed to go down, I got really sick. So what were we supposed to do?

Fortunately, we had had a crew do some other work on the property for us, and my husband reached out to them. They were willing to build the greenhouse at a decent price since we had all the material. Their main business is building higher-end metal homes, so when they began building and saw how some of the wood was crooked and some of the plastic wrap-around was warped, they were somewhat appalled. I assured them they were doing an awesome job, and when they finished they apologized for how it came out. But it was fantastic, to our eyes. The structure wasn’t the fanciest, but it was built, and I didn’t have to drive a single nail in.

So now we had this new monstrosity of a greenhouse, and my husband is one step closer to being his own kingpin of plants.  

I’m telling you, if it wasn’t for the fact that his plants produce delicious things to eat they could all go wet themselves.  

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