The Name Game

When I was coming up with the name Teazzed for my tea business and Black Cat Scribbles for my horror story collection, one of the tools I used was Google. I search my keyword and see if anyone else was using it or something close to it. This is also important to make sure your keyword has the potential to reach your target audience. Once I typed in a potential keyword and porn popped up—noped out of using that real quick.

Once I settled on my keyword or phrase, I searched domain names to see if that keyword was available. A lot of them were already taken, and they didn’t show up in the Google search because the websites weren’t active—someone had bought the domain name but never built with it.

It took a while to find the combination of Google and domain name searches until I landed on a keyword that I liked. There are other ways to go about coming up with a name, but this way was free and easy for me, so I went that route.

If you have a website, how did you settle on a name? In the end, for me, I combined everything with my MGSpear website, because I was already established on that keyword with my social media and books I authored. It made sense to use my name to tie everything together.

For your book/project/business/website/etc. name, how did you come up with it?

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