How to save for a vacation

What does vacation mean to you? Do you long for vacation because you are unhappy with your job, or do you want to go lay on the beach because your life is too mundane?

Truth is, people get bored, they want to see new things—they want to be distracted. But you can find distractions close to home and save money. Go on adventures near you, plan weekend getaway trips, or start a hobby that keeps you excited.

Build a life you want to live, but that will also allow you to save money.

Long trips all the time are great if you can afford it, but you shouldn’t break the bank just because you want to go to on an expensive cruise or country tour. If you can afford it, awesome—keep at it.

Whatever you do for your vacation, whether staying home and vegging out with the T.V., going to an antique car show, scouring a fair for vintage furniture, or traveling the world—make sure you get the relaxing mindset you need to recharge your batteries and continue on with your life.

For my husband and I, we enjoy doing small trips together, house projects, and vegging on the couch to get our relaxation on. While we do work a lot, we enjoy the down time and use that as our vacation. We get refreshed on the frugal dollar.

Plus pizza—the ultimate relaxation food.

Note: This post was written before the pandemic started shutting things down in March. I posted this because I still think it is relevant, but perhaps in a different way now. What used to be travel time in the summer now has become a time where the dollar is getting stretched farther than it has in a while for some people. Continue to build what you want with what you have, and what you’ll get back in the future.

As for us, we’ve stopped ordering out pizza and make it ourselves now—the frugal dollar at work saving a little money, the gas to go get the pizza, and leftovers that taste great the next day and the next (I’m not a cold pizza fan sorry).

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