Freezer Wars: Discount Deals

This Memorial Day weekend was spent how most people likely spent it: searching for deals on items marked down to pre-inflation prices. If you got lucky you found a deal that was actually in a superb discount range, that had to be at least nodded towards on social media.

Thus my husband and I were thrust into shopping for a freezer that we needed (according to my husband) but we didn’t have room for (according to me). We already have a frig/freezer and a separate square freezer, but he has a fishing trip coming up and wanted to buy an extra one in case he shows all the fish that he’s The Man.

I argued we didn’t need one, but lo and behold we found ourselves at the local hardware/appliance store. After browsing the tool section for future projects we found a scratch and dent display that was the perfect size for our laundry room, where the other smaller square freezer was.

“We can move that one to the garage,” my husband said, trying to get me to see his master plan.

All I saw was work. “If you really want to buy this, why don’t you just put this new one in the sunroom?”

“The circuit on the wall is shared with too many other appliances. This will go great in the laundry room and we can move the small freezer into the garage where the mini-fridge is and clear the space around it.”

“That means I have to clean the garage…”

He works his magic, we get the deal, bring home a few more discounted items, and bam! my Sunday is sealed with cleaning. I work my organizing magic, move things around where there was previously no room, and we get everything situated. All works out. I see myself spending Monday relaxing and doing what I want to do.

Then of course, comes the real Memorial Day Special.

There I am, sitting outside, relaxing and waiting for my steak to cook. My husband was sitting in a chair close by, unbeknownst to me surfing social media for yet more deals. And he finds one.

“What do you think if we sold that small square freezer in the garage to my brother and we got a large upright to go there?”

I could see my hopes for sleeping in on Monday going up in flames on the grill. “But we just bought a freezer yesterday. Why do we need another one?”

He grinned. “Because it’s almost brand new and it’s basically fifty percent off.”

It worked out his brother was coming up anyway to pick up other things. He helped us get this large freezer, move a hundred-pound television in the garage to make it fit, and left with a freezer of his own. Thanks to his help, the ordeal only lasted a grand total of three hours, and didn’t eat up the whole day like it had the potential to.

So now Tetris can be played no more in our garage, and the Freezer Wars are over (so sayeth this observer of how-much-more-stuff-can-we-fit-into-this-space-seriously rant).

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