Planting: Known to Kill Cacti

Sometimes you just can’t teach an old dog new tricks.

Spring is upon us and my husband has been wanting to restart our greenhouse garden. We tried a winter garden this year and it got so cold the plants came up, froze their little leaves off, and withered away. While our vegetables didn’t come back, my hardy mint plants did (but they do every year: chocolate and peppermint plants–all that’s left of my herb garden).

Thus we had all these pots with fertile dirt available, so we set out for some plants in town. The goal was to start a few already growing plants along with seeds to at least get some vegetables this year. We ended up getting two cherry tomatoes and four pepper plants.

But of course, whose job was it to plant the plants while my husband works on other pressing things on the property? The girl who has been known to accidentally kill cacti. You’ve got this, I told myself.

I gathered a few gardening spades, the plants, and some other random supplies we bought. My mind drifted to what an awesome post this would make, talking about teamwork and relationships and all that good stuff…

I’d planted the tomatoes and was onto the peppers when my husband walked into the greenhouse. He surveyed the damage and to his credit, didn’t yell at me. “Let me help you,” he said in a quiet tone.

After all these years of digging holes, planting trees and flowers, building gardens, and buying vegetables, I still don’t have a green thumb. Check out my planting skills vs my husband’s below:

My handiwork on the right; my husband’s re-potting on the left.

Sometimes, you just have to stick to your strengths. Obviously, planting is not one of mine. But I will say, I passed the test planting the peppers—they were good enough.

Play to your strengths and help out where you can. Know that fish are not meant to fly, and you are not meant to be the best at everything.

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