Plagued with ideas

I read an interesting post recently about how a prolific writer, with a lot of books under his belt in a fantasy series, was asked how he comes up with his ideas.

His answer? He is plagued with ideas.

For me, ideas are a dime a dozen. I’m either thinking up my latest story or blog post, mulling over pieces of an idea, daydreaming random thoughts, or analyzing something I am working on.

My brain hardly ever shuts off.

And I love it 😊.

Generally the only time my brain really powers down is when I an doing something physical, like running, hiking, or cleaning. It’s really hard for me to think when I am running—usually I have to force my thoughts to move forward, so mostly I just listen to music or stream shows. Whenever I do something physical, I am fully engaged.

In bed, thoughts bounce around my head, not in an annoying way where I can’t sleep, but a random connecting of ideas and snippets. It’s my version of counting sheep until I drift off.

How about you, dear readers? Are you plagued by ideas or do they elude you most of the time?

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