Brake Lines

My husband works on our cars to keep them in tip-top shape. He likes doing it, and it saves us some money.

Last year he was working on his Jetta, fixing the brakes and doing an oil change.

Now, I am not the greatest assistant when it comes to cars. One time he was bleeding the breaks and I was supposed to be pumping them and sort of got distracted on social media and pumped the gas pedal instead. I have to say this was a one-time incident, with all the other times pressing the brake pedal. But he never let me forget that.

So he’s got the hood popped on his Jetta, pulling parts off, cleaning them, sticking new stuff on, and it gets to a point where he is trying to thread this one little screw on in a tight spot. He’s getting frustrated and having to unthread it to start over, so I offer to do it (I can thread a bolt) since my fingers are smaller than his and I could probably fit better into the small space.

He gives me an incredulous look. “No offense, but that’s $1,000 in car parts if you cross thread it. It’s not that I don’t trust you, I just don’t trust you.”

He was trying to thread the brake lines into the ABS controller on the car. “You can grab me a beer if you want to be helpful.”

Twenty minutes and a beer later, he got it done. During that time I wrote some blog posts. We stick to what we each do best.

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