God is a Mob Boss: new release

What do you think about religion, about God?

There are so many issues that are glossed over, or not addressed, or sometimes addressed inappropriately.

Mental Illness; abortion; suicide; loneliness; the point of it all.

I’ve taken what I have learned over the years, coupled that with my life experiences, and written a book, God is a Mob Boss, about these taboo issues. Because “You’re going to hell,” is not the way to reach people.

For example, take abortion. The perspective taken in God is a Mob Boss is that God is omnipotent, meaning he sees all, knows all. Therefore, he already knows what fetuses are being aborted and does not put souls in them; he knits people in wombs when the birth is carried out and the baby lives. To say abortion is murder is like saying God doesn’t know that tissue is not going to be carried to term—He is in control, not people. Just because someone decides to have an abortion does not mean it is a surprise to God; on the contrary, since God is outside of time and able to see the past, present, and future, he already knew about the event and prepared accordingly. Abortion can be part of God’s plan.

God is a Mob Boss is written as a conversation between God and Enoch. Enoch walked with God and was taken away; in my book this is because of the conversation that took place, of the knowledge that was given.

Wouldn’t you like to be in on it too?

Here’s the preface of God is a Mob Boss:

“Occupation please?”

“Mob boss.”

The reporter paused, a little perplexed by the answer, but he knew that this might be the scoop of a lifetime, so he opened his mind to the possibilities.

“Your name for the record?”

“Iam.” Iam smirked a little. “Maybe life coach would be better. That used to be a popular term among entrepreneurs.”

“Do you consider yourself an entrepreneur?”

“The best.” Iam smiled, his skin crackling a little from the power that ran through facsimile veins. “And Enoch, I am going to tell you why.”

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