Winged Cats for 2021

Anyone can give advice; the trick is to take to heart what affects you. This is why I like motivational quotes. Not too in-your-face, but with just the right resonance to ping interest.
So this year I continue on in that vein, but with motivational winged cats interspersed with regular original quotes. I am looking forward to the new year and the adventures it will bring, so why not live dangerously by enjoying life and making quotes with a meow factor? After all, none of us escapes life alive.

Chalk Body Outlines

A lot of interesting things has happened over this year—some good, some bad. It’s important to remember the memories of good times this year and in the past, and use them to look forward to a hopefully better year.
Whether you celebrate the holidays this year with family, friends, cats, dogs, guinea pigs, or all of the above, I wish you the warmest happy holidays and a great respite from everything that has taken shape around us.
Because you are worth it—trust me.

Temperature Difference

Do prefer to be hot or cold?
My husband is part Canadian. His body is designed to retain warmth even on the coldest of days; you can imagine how much he sweats in the summer. I am part lizard. I don’t retain body heat well and take it from other sources. Read more about it in today’s post, Temperature Difference.

Cat Races

One evening while I was holding an online class lecture, the kitties, Socks and Elsa, got jazzed about a green toy mouse. Picture the moment: two cats, one toy, and no traction on the floor. My husband watched the scene unfold and told me about it when my class was over. I busted out laughing.
It’s the little things that keep you going.

Creating with Photoshop and GIMP

I’m switching gears a little and working on a non-fiction motivational book. I’m adding my own created images via Photoshop and am looking forward to seeing what you think once I get everything situated. I’m having a lot of fun working on this, and hope you enjoy it too if I can pull it off.