Winged Cats for 2021

Advice for the New Year:

  • Do no harm, but look out for yourself.
  • Follow your dreams. It can be a long process, but it’s better than hooking up with them later and watching them pass you by.
  • Take people’s superstitions seriously. Even if you don’t believe it, they might be stitious enough to act and ruin your day.
  • Do not pet any fiery dragons. They will eat you and you are good with Ranch.

Of course, anyone can give advice; the trick is to take to heart what affects you. There’s so much being said these days all over the Internet, but not all of it will pertain to you.

For me, on my social media, I like to do motivational quotes. I’ve always been attracted to quotes that moved me, so I decided to churn out some original quotes.

And now I’m adding my new year’s resolution to kick it up a notch: motivation with winged cats.

In playing with Photoshop I discovered a nice past time that makes me happy: cats, but with wings. This is one of the foundations for my latest book coming out soon, Motivation with Winged Cats. It’s a lighthearted quote and life lessons kind of book, and in order to move in this new direction I am going to be posting some of my winged cats on social media. I’ve also got some other projects in the works with this theme as well. Details coming!

So if you’re looking for motivational quotes with a winged meow factor this year to help you keep going, click on the pretty, pretty icons below to follow. 

I hope everyone has a great start to the new year with many good things to follow.

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