Reminiscing 2020

I’ve been reminiscing over this year a lot. From social media to talking with friends and relatives, it’s been full of firsts for a lot of people. Some have been good; others not so good. Still life goes on, and we endeavor to keep up with the changes to maintain a semblance of what we want or need.

If I were to choose to a positive word to describe 2020, I would pick adaptability. There are so many people trying out new strategies, thinking outside the box, to keep things going, to keep pushing forward. Faced with a lot of “what if?” questions, people have had to become chameleons. Probably one of the biggest changes I’ve seen is most people working from home instead of going into the office. I can’t imagine how much more turmoil this would have caused if the Internet and the online presence in our world didn’t exist; how much more chaos would have ensued. It would have definitely been a nightmare trying to teach remotely without it.

We try to adapt and change to what has been thrown at us, looking over options and choices and thinking outside the box. And when you reach the edge of the box, looking for a strategy to grow wings on and fly towards a new solution. Whether we triumph or fail we keep going. Things and circumstances might be seen in a different light; what used to work is tweaked or set aside for a new perspective.

How have you adapted to the changes taking place? What have you tweaked to make it work?

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