Temperature Difference

Over last winter my husband was cooking bacon one Saturday morning so we could have bacon and eggs for breakfast. He was cooking it outside, in the middle of winter, in shorts.

I, on the other hand, had sweatpants and a sweatshirt on just to be inside. I braved the cold long enough to tell him the eggs were almost done.

I am always cold. Even in the summertime I sit on the couch under a heated blanket with a jacket on. Heating blankets are my lifeline, and because I constantly use them year round they tend to burn out quickly. Usually I get one every year as a Christmas present to replace the old outdated ones (yes I am looking into getting one with a warranty so I can have the company replace it for me when it dies).

On hundred-degree days I sit on my front porch with my tablet, strategizing copy and ads for my books, and I love feeling the heat engulf me in comforting warmth.

My husband is part Canadian. His body is designed to retain warmth even on the coldest of days; you can imagine how much he sweats in the summer. I am part lizard. I don’t retain body heat well and steal it from other sources.

I guess temperature wise we are an odd pair. Over this summer we installed a mini split A/C in the bedroom; because of that I have three layers of covers on the bed for me.

As long as I have access to a heating blanket I am able to weather the coldness he keeps the house at (I say cold—he keeps it about 66; I prefer around 80).

How about you? Do you run hot or cold?

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