Dream Day: Squirrel!

Ever dream about hugging a squirrel while hiding from a serial killer? What if the squirrel was the killer?

I am a schoolteacher teaching a classroom full of students. Sometimes their eyes become black orbs but overall, I am in control. Then one of the students asks to use the restroom and I take him down the hall. The hall splits: the one in front is lit while the other is somewhat dark. The kid starts to walk down the dark hallway and I have this sudden overwhelming fear not to go down that direction. I call the kid back and he says he sees the restroom and I tell him there is a cleaner restroom down the lighted hallway. The kid comes back but now he has a squirrel tail. I begin to freak and run into the cafeteria where there is a wagon set up in the corner. I crawl under the wagon with the now fully squirrel student and stay for a while. Now I see myself in third person and I look like Tom Cruise. His eyes are widened in fear and dart about looking for the danger. Sweat trickles down his face as he holds the squirrel tightly.

Now I am me again and am watching television with my family. The squirrel is sleeping quietly on the couch. There is a news bulletin that comes on and says the students that were in my classroom are missing. My family looks at me and I begin to get scared again. I drive over to one of the student’s houses and see a pudgy kid from my class standing in the backyard. He sees me coming and tries to run but I am too close and wrestle him to the ground. I lay on his stomach, holding his arms down and ask what happened to the kids? He says I should ask the rainbow bridge killer and the kid’s eyes start to go black. I leave and am driving down the highway and I see my dad at a convention and he waves at me. Standing right beside him is a man I am sure is the killer and know he will follow me now. I drive to an abandoned grocery store parking lot and wait. I wake up wondering if I was the killer when I looked like Tom Cruise.

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