Capsized by little things

So I had another mishap in the kitchen recently.

I have been doing really well in re-using leftovers for new meals. Normally when I make chicken, I sometimes use it for fajitas, then make a rice dish, then use the rice dish leftovers to make quesadillas (it sounds weird, but they are very tasty).

So I was on the same trend to do that, boiling my rice in water with spices and then planning on adding the chicken and cheese sauce.

I finish with the rice, added the chicken…and found out I had underestimated the amount of rice needed. The bowl was mostly chicken. 

I do what any person in my predicament does: I make another batch of rice. Fortunately I was still able to throw it all together and make a great meal.

It’s so frustrating sometimes, when you think you have everything together, all your ducks in a row, and then—BAM!—you find out something is missing when you are in the midst of the process. That can be very annoying, and you have to choose how to respond: do you give up, or do you keep going?

Some projects gets so tangled from lack of preparation it’s almost worth it to hold off until a better time. Others you can still muddle through.

Have you ever worked on something and been blindsided by an issue you didn’t know about?

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