Weird Quirks

Socks’ weirdest habit is smelling worn shoes. He waits until my husband and I take off our shoes for the day, then sticks his face in them and flops down beside the shoes to be petted. Sometimes in the night he will play with string or twisty ties, and when he gets bored, he drops them in my husband’s shoes. Sometimes my husband feels the poking when he puts his shoes on for work, and other times he doesn’t get poked until he’s been at work a few hours. His colleagues always laugh when he has to take off his shoe and finds a twisty tie.

Elsa’s biggest obsession is toilet paper. We have to either keep the bathroom door closed or put the toilet paper up in a cabinet for safe keeping. Otherwise, if we don’t do these countermeasures, Elsa waits until we have left and then rips that paper to shreds. Once my husband left a bag of toilet paper in our bathroom near the tub. He was going to the rest room when he saw Elsa dragging a roll from the bag out of the bathroom. My husband yelled at her to stop, so she stopped dragging it and proceeded to shred it just outside my husband’s reach.

Emma, one of our labs, is the neediest dog on the planet. She wants to lick you 24/7, even if you’re doing work and just want some alone time. If you don’t pet her all the time, then her licking kicks up a notch. I’m grateful the dogs now stay in our sunroom so we can get a reprieve from all the licking.

Sammy, our other lab, loves to bark at the neighbor’s kid. The kid is young and sometimes Sammy scares him with her barking. We’ve put bark collars on our dogs to try to prevent that (as sometimes Emma will join in when Sammy gets on a tirade) but Sammy has figured out if she can position the collar to be on top of her regular collar, then the buzzing is muted and she doesn’t feel it when she barks. So now one of the things we do is when they bark we set the collars to beep so they run back to the sunroom and get treats. Not the best bribery system, but it works a little.

My husband is late a lot. You tell him a time to be there and that’s the time he leaves the house. In order to combat this, I tell him an earlier time so now when he thinks we are running late we actually show up on time. It’s a system I’ve been using for years now and it works well. Sometimes though he finds out the real time and I have to be Johnny on the spot with good pestering to make sure he gets done what he needs to in order to go.

As for me? My husband says my most annoying habit is that I pee a lot. I try to drink a gallon of water a day, and because of that I take a lot of pee breaks. Once my husband took me hunting and my water intake got in the way—you can read about that here. It’s not that big of a deal during the day, but when he comes home from work or it’s the weekend and we watch something together he gets a little annoyed when I pause the show to take a pee break.

It takes all kinds of personalities and quirks to make the world an interesting place. What’s a weird habit that you have?

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  1. If I bring a praline home from a Mexican restaurant, Boo kitty will hunt it down & rip the paper off & start eating it. I forgot I had one in my purse last week & Sam found her eating on it after dragging it out of my purse 🤪

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