Operation: Carpet Be Gone

So one day while we were at work the kitties decided to practice their ninja skills on the carpet, and went to town. When I came home the kitties greeted me like usual, but when I walked into the bedroom I immediately noticed the shredded carpet.

Thus Operation: Carpet Be Gone was born.

Our first task was to find a great deal on click together faux wood. We found a color that was going to be discontinued, then proceeded to buy up all the stock at multiple stores for a discounted price. We found a really good deal at one location where the bulk was, and my husband and the manager worked out a price for about 50% off. One thing in our favor was at that time of year the stores were clearing out all off their old merchandise to make space for the new stuff on its way in. In the end, it takes us about two weeks for all the deals to be worked out, and each weekend we loaded up our truck and started a pile in our living room.

My husband has done floors before, but he was a bit rusty and decided we should start in the closet. Our closet has a weird floor design, so that would probably be where most mistakes would be made. It took us less than a weekend to get it done, from ripping out the carpet to putting calk around the edges.

After that we moved to the guest room and added quarter round to the edges: another weekend. Then we decided to bite the bullet and do the master bedroom. We put all the heavy furniture on dollies and moved it out to the living room, and moved the smaller stuff to the dining area. Our house looked like it had imploded.

For this room we took our time, and over a period of two weeks it was finished. Mostly it took that long because there were other priorities that needed tending too, so we just did half the floor, then moved the bed onto that, and finished the other half.

Now the house is almost finished, but we are taking a break for now to tend to other things.

So for now, Operation: Carpet Be Gone is semi-completed.

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