A Whiskered Perspective: new book!

My latest book, A Whiskered Perspective, is about the exact moment a person falls in love that will make you believe not all love is equal.

Have a lot of experience with relationships?

Over the years I’ve been on many dates, had various kinds of relationships with acquaintances, friends, and family, and have gleaned info and experience from the happily-ever-afters to the horror stories.

So I decided to write a book about a narcissistic relationship from a cat’s point of view.

Miller Mariner believes she has found love. Her heart is filled with mostly happiness and she thinks life can’t get any better. Her cat, however, tells a darker story. Will he eventually open her eyes, or is Miller doomed to a crumbling relationship?

I did quite a lot of research for this book to get it right. It’s a riveting page-turner that builds until the end. I’m not going to give away details, but my beta readers loved it, and I’m thinking about turning it into a series. Who doesn’t love a great story about a black cat?

While doing research, the downward spiral stories I came across frightened me a little.

So in addition to writing A Whiskered Perspective, I also wrote a non-fiction companion piece: Green & Red Flags to Look For In a Relationship. Not everything can be seen through rose-colored glasses, but this can serve as a guide for what you want to find, and what to avoid. 

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