Self-Care: a Verb, Not a Noun

Have you ever done a self-audit?

Recently I asked myself what holds me back. What is it that I need to do better to square things up a bit more?

And the answer was, no surprise to those who read my blog, is to take care of myself.

This past week was spring break. While I did snag a few moments of reading on the front porch, I went into overdrive with all the free time to work. I actually started off the week with a list of writing goals and art projects to get accomplished, but some things that crept up at the beginning of the week took over and pushed those projects aside.

I didn’t get any writing projects done, sad to say. My goal was to get close to finishing my cat poetry sequel (which has been halfway done for a while now), but it just sat in digital dust.

What I did get done was super important though, at least it hopefully will be in the long-term scheme of things. But I did stop on Friday when I felt a burnout coming on and called it quits for the weekend.

There are goals, and then there are end goals. Right now I am chasing an end goal that’s pretty important to me, and the writing might be slower as I pursue it. But I do still plan on getting the cat poetry sequel out next, hopefully sometime this summer.

Health is definitely important. There was a point in my life when I flung everything into the wind and it all came crashing down. It took me years to recover. Now I listen to my body, take care of myself, and deliberately try not to overdo things. Faster and more is not always better; the 24/7 lifestyle can be damaging.

I will probably always be working—I do enjoy staying busy. As long as I take time to look after myself I can continue to have fun with being preoccupied. I might be doing different things in the future, but I will still be up to something.

Take care of yourselves, dear readers.

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