Quest for duct tape

The abysmalness of hardware stores.

It’s not that I don’t mind their existence, I just don’t want to spend a large chunk of my weekends in them.

Back in my husband’s tree planting origin days, we scoured multiple hardware stores that also had a garden section. We would fill up the truck with plants and trees, and of course this came with the added bonus of planting them all the remainder of the weekend.

When we were doing the floors, we went to so many stores looking for colors and deals that it was becoming old quick.

But the one trip that stands out currently is the quest for duct tape.

I kid you not, we went to different stores to compare prices on duct tape across the brands (who knew there were so many choices?). At one store the rolls would have been $20 more than other stores, and since I was getting fed up looking at duct tape, while he searched online for a better deal to price match it with, I went and bought myself a coke to pass the time. Yes, I could have brought my own or had something to drink when I got home, but I didn’t care at that point, and paid a hardware store price for that fizz.

By the time I went back down the duct tape aisle, he had found his online deal and we continued shopping for a few more things we needed to pick up (apparently I am not to be trusted as to pick up items that need certain specifications; to me if it looks like it will work, that’s good enough).

And that was how a Saturday was spent. Now I bring a cooler with drinks in case we have to make a stop at a hardware store.

What store do you not like spending a lot of time in?

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