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My birthday is this week. My husband took me out to lunch and gave me a gift last weekend; this coming weekend I am planning on cooking some Cajun shrimp to continue celebrating. I’ve also ordered a few things for myself online and am using their delivery date as a deadline to get more writing done on my current WIP. I’m a little more than halfway through it right now and would love to have the first draft completed by the time my last item gets delivered.

This week I’ve been doing some reminiscing over the year. Some relationships have blossomed; others have gone by the wayside. I’ve had writing successes and failures. My husband and I got the majority of our house projects done the weekend before he was scheduled for back surgery. Through it all I’ve had a very good year and hopefully will continue to have more in the future.

If I were to describe this year in one word, I would choose perseverance. There have been things come up that I rolled with the punches, and good times where I savored victories. In the slumps I wondered if I should continue writing, or if I would fail at that too.

But I persevered through it all, and have met all challenges so far, even when I didn’t want to. I only had two or three burnouts this year and got into a routine of relaxation that works on keeping burnout down for me. I’m ready for the future.

What do you consider when looking back on life? Do you only focus on successes, or do you zero in on your failures? To me both are important to help gain better perspective.

If you’re in a low spot right now, remember the clouds won’t be grey forever. Keep going, keep persevering, and you’ll eventually reach a place you can celebrate, even if it’s a small victory. I wish all of you success in your endeavors.

Press on, dear readers.

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