Monster vs Kitty: Success or Retreat

What should you do when the path forward is blocked?

We used to have a cat named Tiger that was the most adventurous kitty. I wanted him to be an inside cat, but he yearned for the great outdoors, so to compromise I would take him on leash walks. My brother-in-law also installed a line in the backyard so Tiger could walk around safely. He grew up inside so I didn’t want him to wander on his own and get attacked by a vicious dog or run over when he knew didn’t know of such dangers.

But that wasn’t enough for Tiger. He was constantly trying to run out doorways whenever one opened. And twice this worked to my advantage to teach him a lesson.

Once we had friends over on a frightfully cold day. It was so cold it should have been snowing. My husband was showing them around the property, and in the process of going in and out of the house somehow Tiger slipped out unnoticed. I was walking around with them, unaware. When I went back to the house there was Tiger outside, arching his back, looking all innocent.

And freezing his tail off.

It was so cold he wanted to postpone any adventure in exchange for inside warmth. That kept him from running out the doors for about a month.

The other time a neighborhood kid was hired to help out with yard work. The kid knocked on the door, and when my husband went to open it, out shot Tiger.

He was greeted by a monster.

A creature with bug eyes and a weird-looking branched nose stared down at him. Its neon red eyes flashed in the sun; it breathed through large obtuse nostrils that garbled like passing scorched breath. Tiger immediately backtracked inside the house. The kid was wearing his sunglasses and an air respirator mask, ready to do hardcore yard work. That encounter made Tiger weary of leaving the house for a good while. He just didn’t know what to expect when crossing the threshold.

Sometimes the grass appears greener on the other side, when in reality it’s actually a façade. Not every deal is lucrative, just like not every success will lead you to the right place. The key is strategic steps, stepping stones that take you where you want to go.

We all fall into the trap of shiny objects. Something looks clean and pristine, and you think the price tag is worth it. It clouds your mind of other possibilities that might be better or less expensive. But it’s just so hard to think clearly when you think you’re pursuing what you want.

My advice: look at things from all angles. Are there monsters blocking your path? Does it look enticing but in reality bitterly cold outside? Just because something looks all fresh and green doesn’t mean it actually is. And definitely don’t dive into something unless you have a backup plan or savings to fall back on if you can help it. Look out for yourself, and make the most informed decision you can.  It may be the best path forward isn’t the one in front of you.

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