Lost and Found

Ever lost something over and over?

My husband has that problem. His stuff just magically disappears sometimes. And not the little trinkets; we are talking about keys, sunglasses, wallet—the big-ticket items you need for work.

After about the gazillionth time of losing his keys, I finally convinced him to order a tracker set online. Now all the sets of keys, plus his sunglasses, have a tile hooked to them so when they wander we can follow.

That is, until the tile battery dies.

Just last month he was looking for his main pair of sunglasses and he turned on the finder app only to be notified the battery was dead for the sunglasses tile. All it would say was last known location was somewhere in the house.

It had been three days since he’d worn them, and we backtracked his steps the best we could, but they are still floating in the ether.

Then he moved on to his backup pair of sunglasses. A few weekends ago we are doing some yard work and he comes over to me upset.

“The lawn mower not start for you?” I ask.

“I can’t find my backup pair sunglasses. I know I set them down when I was working on the mower, but they aren’t there.”

So we go over and look for them, and he opens up the hood of the mower, and lo and behold, there they are. He thanks me for my emotional support and put the sunglasses case in his Camelbak.

Sometimes in life things appear lost but are just misplaced. Misplaced keys, misplaced feelings, misplaced winning lottery ticket. What would you do if you suddenly found all they things you’ve misplaced in your life?

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