Disney Eyes

Let’s take a moment to take about Elsa’s Disney eyes. I snapped a great picture of her batting them at their fullest while begging for a corn chip a few nights ago. You see, my M.G. Rorai bookmarks had come in and I needed a cat to pose with them. Elsa was sitting in a box, the perfect model to use, but she kept trying to sniff the bookmarks I was laying on her and wouldn’t quit fidgeting.

Enter the Tostito chip. Once my husband held it in the air, all her thoughts about those bookmarks vanished and she had only one thing on her mind: food. She turned on those Disney eyes big time and started begging for that chip. Cue cute camera pose:

She bats her eyes for lots of things these days, mostly in the food category. I was determined to not spoil Socks and Elsa with people food but then I found out my husband had been sneaking Elsa treats. Socks never cared for steak or salmon, but Elsa got hooked immediately. Now when we cook in the kitchen she is right there at our feet, full Disney eyes mode with the occasional meow. Or when we are eating in the living room, she is comfy in the cardboard box my husband put next to his side of the couch. Elsa knows how to go after what she wants; she’s a true go-getter.

A few lessons to take away from Elsa and her Disney eyes:

Never fail to keep trying.

Is there anything in your life that you go after as much as Elsa does with her Disney eyes? Do you always get it on the first try? Failure is a vital part of the path to success; it shapes our experiences and brings us closer to victory. Yes it sucks to fail, especially if you fail a lot, but know that everyone fails—in this you are not alone.

Don’t hesitate to act when you should be moving forward.

There are times when I’ve put things on the backburner, convinced I need to do more planning or just halt a while and consider other options. There will be crossroads in your life where you have to choose, and when the time comes to hustle, don’t sit back in planning stages when you should be in action mode.

I’ve done this while marketing some of my books. I’ll research and prep when I should be running ads and analyzing data. I just get into the mindset sometimes that I need to be one hundred percent prepared and the truth is, you’ll never be one hundred percent prepared for anything.

Make every moment count.

Life is too short to pass opportunity by. Elsa works all the time for her treats, and we should also take any chance to enjoy the moment or engage in a possibility.  You never know what’s around the corner, whether good or bad.

Good things usually don’t come easy.

Just like anything in life, the good things usually don’t come without a price. Use what you can to enjoy the rewards.

I worked multiple part-time jobs in my field for around four years before I landed a full-time job. Then I continued to work one to two part-time jobs alongside my full-time one, depending on what I could handle every semester. Then in 2019 I decided to branch out and started this blog and picked back up with writing. What is the goal of all of this hard work? To be able to retire someday but have fun along the way. This is my good thing I have my sights set on.

What are your Disney eyes aimed at?

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