91. Washing Cats

When we were working on our hardwood floors, my husband was laying down vapor barrier one day and our kitties, Socks and Elsa, thought it would be hilarious to jump around and knead on the barrier, putting little holes in it. My husband kept shooing them away, and they kept coming back. He tossed their toys and within a few minutes there they were again.

So he decided to give them a bath.

Socks wasn’t too happy. He meowed a lot in protest, but he stayed in the sink and got shampooed.

Elsa loved it. She flopped her pretty self in the sink and stared at my husband, like, “that’s right—wash me.”

When he finished they both moved to the dog beds in the bedroom, and for the next two hours they were occupied with licking themselves dry while my husband finished the vapor barrier and began to lay down the boards.

We all get frustrated with people who won’t leave us alone, or are not doing what they are supposed to be doing, or even dealing with a never ending project. But the ability to think outside the box, to provide an alternative solution that helps you move forward, can help break the cycle and push you in the right direction.

Have you washed any kitties lately?

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