30. Fitness

Photo by Ivan Torres; Quote by Fitxgrind Journals

I’m a little bit into fitness. I run and hike, I try to eat right (mostly), and I track my steps with a fitbit knockoff. For those of you not into the fitbit movement, it’s a bracelet that tracks my steps while I go about my day.

And my husband thinks it is the most hilarious thing in the world to shake my arm while I am wearing my fitbit.

Working with people can be difficult sometimes, but with any relationship, whether marriage, employer-employee, friends, coworkers, etc., you have to roll with the punches.

Maintaining relationships is a great way to foster business—you never know who that person is connected with. Perhaps they went to high school with the person in charge of procurement at Starbucks—you just never know.

Now, if that person tries to steal your business, or do some other shady stuff, definitely take action—don’t get run over in classic passive aggressive resistance.

All I’m saying is it is harder to piece back together a shattered pot, then it is to polish it up a little.

So what do I do about the fitbit, you may ask? Whenever my husband is working on a project and wants me to get him something or hand him a tool, I think it is hilarious to make him compliment me or say something awesome about me before I give him what he wants.

Stay tuned, dear readers.

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