Zucchini and Carrots Disaster

Not all vegetables are equal.

I enjoy mushy zucchini. I enjoy mushy carrots. What could go wrong, I mused, if they were cooked together?

The Internet informed me the carrots would only take 7-8 minutes to get mushy. Perfect. I throw baby carrots and chopped up zucchini into a pan, add some vegetable oil and spices, and start cooking.

The first thing I notice between taking breaks surfing on social media is the zucchini are cooking faster than the carrots.

No problem—I scooped the zucchini slices out as they finished and munched while waiting for the carrots.

A total of ten minutes passes. The carrots are not getting mushy; instead they are turning black.

Confused, I whip out my phone again to call my husband at work. He tells me carrots tend to take longer to mushify out of the package.

Okay. I wait another ten minutes (so about twenty-ish minutes now) and more of the carrots are turning black, and they are still not getting soft.

By this time I had eaten most of my zucchini and needed to get back to work. I was a little defeated and left the traitorous carrots on the stove to see what my husband recommended when he got home. So that day, my baby ninja cooking skills drop down a belt. The dogs got carrots added to their food that evening.

What have you been defeated by lately?

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