We Don’t Whistle While We Work—We Drink Caffeine

Hello again, one and all!

Thank you for bearing with me while I took some time away from this blog. While it was supposed to give me some breathing room to keep up with things, actually stuff just piled on for the month of January:

I was asked to cover a fellow instructor’s entire course load for the first month and change of the semester, on top of my own classes. I gladly accepted and have been rocking away with making sure all the students are taken care of and everything is tip-top in all the classes I am in charge of. But this has meant that I’ve worked a lot more on the weekends than I normally do.

I was also getting my Witchy books prepped and ready for launch, which starts with next Monday’s post. I made some last-minute adjustments and changes, and even added a major plot twist to book 2 that I thought was interesting but beta readers said it wasn’t, so I changed it back.

I also started up an Instagram and Facebook account for my cat art. Since I’ve been so busy I haven’t had the time blocks to write lately, but I’ve been able to relax by creating digital art and posting some occasionally. My handle is WrathofKitties lol. I’ve also uploaded some of my regular cat art designs in my art shop and will be posting about it occasionally on my blog.

With my art in my I did a little update on my website landing page, so you can check out some of my kitty art there, and even my Valentine design I have going on for the season.

I did freak out for a while when I couldn’t get any of my art shop links to work for me, but after getting some help I discovered I only needed to delete my browser cache and I was good to go. I was relieved to hear the links were working for everyone else.

My husband has been busy as well, working a lot of overtime hours at his job. There’s really been no time for shenanigans, just catching up when our schedules align. February holds more promise.   

Overall, throughout all the overtime and working round the clock to keep up with things, some other issues came to light that I’m still mulling over. There might be changes in the future, but for now, we will focus on Witchy, your regularly scheduled blog posts, and I will share another update when I have one.

Press on, dear readers.

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