Valentine’s Day Bathroom Outlet

Guess what my husband got for V-day?

You see, he likes to hog the bathroom for over an hour occasionally. And sometimes, his phone dies and he sits staring at the wall.

Can you guess what he wanted?

A bathroom outlet to charge his phone.

So I order it and it comes in the mail. He puts in with me holding the flashlight and no issues come up. Now he’s the happiest camper because he can watch YouTube the entire time in the bathroom, possibly hogging more time with the toilet.

What did I get? I got to read him cat poetry all last week because yes, I wrote a cat poem book (more about that coming soon).

It’s amazing what you can do in a great relationship.

For the actual V-day we are planning on making a homemade carrot cake, which will inevitably lead to another funny cooking post in the near future.

Whatever you have planned for V-day I hope it brings you lots of laughs and good memories. Laughs and memories are a sweet combination, even if it’s just with pets.

Happy V-day!  

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