Sheets and Success

Soft bedsheets can make a world of difference.

After the incident with the bamboo sheets, we’ve been keeping our eyes out for a sale for high thread count sheets. Then one serendipitous day I happened to find an unused gift card for a houseware store while cleaning off the living room shelf (I love it when I find useful things while cleaning!).

We drove down to the houseware store and surveyed the sheets. There were so many to choose from, and they weren’t cheap. I was enticed by the softness of the sample sheets, but my husband wanted to stretch the gift card to buy two sets of sheets. Since the higher thread counts were too expensive, we went one aisle over to check out sheets we had never heard of.

And that’s when I felt the modal sheets by Pure Beech. Apparently it’s made from Beechwood trees in Europe, but it might as well said they were made from clouds—that’s how soft they were. The price was in our range, so we took a chance on the softness.

It was completely worth it.

The best purchase my husband ever made was the hot tub, but the second-best purchase was these sheets. As I lay in bed that night, I was kissed by comfort. The sheets caressed my skin and kept in the warmth. It was heavenly.

Moral of the post: there is quality outside of known brands. Think of how many startups have excellent products but not the brand base to sell loads yet. Somewhere I read there are a ton of brilliant ideas that tank every year because the person doesn’t know how to reach their target audience.

This also goes for freelancers as well. I use Fiverr a lot and have picked up some quality gigs to help out with my books. If you’re looking for help and giving small businesses a boost, I’d say start there. I’ve found critiquers, cover designers, illustrators, blurb specialists, and other tidbits I run across. While not all the gigs I’ve found are worth their weight in gold, the ones I keep coming back to are like gemstones to me and have been very helpful. Fiverr is where I got my cover designed for Catnip, Toilet Paper, and Lasers, among others.

What’s the best quality purchase you’ve ever made?

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