Water, water, everywhere

I’m not much of a shower person. I will shower to stay clean, but I don’t really like being wet and feeling cold when I get out. I do have this lemon aloe soap that is divine to shower with. I looove smelling it and rubbing it all over. It makes me look forward to shower time and is very relaxing.

My husband loves water. If he had his way, he would shower like six times every day. Shower before going to work. Shower when getting dirty. Go outside again and get more dirty—another shower. Shower before bed.

Did I mention he loves to shower?

Me, I’m like meh.

But a hot tub? Now that is a whole different matter.

I’m cold natured most of the time and slipping into that heated water is such an awesome sensation-all the warmth kisses my skin and I am instantly hit with a euphoric feeling.

Let me tell you the story of how my husband acquired his hot tub.

This was before I even knew him, and he happened on a Craigslist ad for a decent sized hot tub going for $1 if you could pick it up within the hour. The address was a couple of streets over, so he drove his truck to check it out.

Turns out the owner was getting a divorce and didn’t want his wife to have any of his possessions. His wife was coming home shortly, and it all had to be gone, thus the cheap price.

But it was super heavy, and it wouldn’t fit into the back of my husband’s truck if he had been able to lift it.

So he calls a friend whose side business is moving hot tubs and says he will pay extra if he comes over right now. The friend shows up shortly with their huge trailer, and together they get the tub on it and moved over to my husband’s house before the wife came home.

And because the back of his truck was empty, my husband scored some tools and smaller pieces of furniture while he was there as well.

As someone who is constantly cold, the hot tub was a great attraction to me, and we are still using it when the weather fluctuates cold during this spring season. To me, this was the coolest purchase he has ever made.

Do you have a funny story about acquiring something?

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