Books for less than a dollar

As I have been tweaking and working on my website along with my promotions for A Whiskered Perspective running, I had a thought: I’m going to lower my prices on all my products for less than a dollar until the end of June.

Yes, less than a dollar a piece. That’s cheaper than dirt (it literally is for the dirt you buy for gardening—read about my husband’s passion for leafy things here.)

My books are quality, and I want people to enjoy that quality. Plus, as my husband says, people are always looking for a deal—the frugal dollar at work.

Speaking of frugal, last month my husband saw a great deal on 1800 thread count sheets. He was amazed at the price and bought three sets.

When they arrive, he eagerly puts them on the bed while I take a shower. I join him, and immediately I am taken in by their…stiffness?

“These sheets feel like cardboard,” I say. He goes back to the website, and at the bottom of the sell page, there is a little blurb that says the description is wrong, and it is actually 1800 series bamboo sheets. He was so mad and called up the company to ask for a refund on the sheets we didn’t open.

My frugal deals are not like this. When you purchase a book from me, expect quality. Those are the best deals—when quality and affordability intersect.

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