37. Organized Plant Chaos

Photo by Daniele Levis Pelusi; Quote paraphrased from Mel Odom

My husband loves plants. He loves plants so much, that while I was at work one evening, he went and bought a ridiculous number of fruit trees that we ended up planting over the weekend.

Then it was more fruit trees.

Then it was more roses.

Then it was blueberries and other fruit bushes.

Then it was a huge garden.

Don’t get me wrong—the fruit and veggies taste excellent, and we enjoy our fruits of labor (pun intended), I just would like to be kept in the loop as to what is going on so I can plan around it.

Ask me how many blueberry bushes my husband got. Almost the same number as the fruit trees.

Planning can be an important aspect in life and in business. Knowing what’s coming helps you prepare and allows you to think about what could go wrong, or change, and prepare for that too. For me, I like having lists to keep track of everything, and I love the feeling of crossing stuff off: it’s the little victories that let you know you are moving forward.

So what did I do about all the plants? I pretended to be bringing home kittens (like a whole litter) to my husband a day shortly after the plants arrived. I sent text messages, I meowed into the phone (I can mimic a cat pretty darn well), and he was a little worried by the time I got home. Serves him right for bringing a forest onto our property.

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