Pandemic musings

I wonder what the world would have been like if the pandemic hadn’t struck. Perhaps you would have bought a new car or continued to eat out a lot.

My husband and I used to eat out a lot on the weekends. It was always a treat to go somewhere for breakfast or lunch, run errands in town, then come back home to work on projects.

Nowadays we dine in on the weekends, trying new recipes and cooking tasty meals (without any fires so far. Okay, full disclosure—one time the chicken caught on fire on the grill, but that was totally not my fault. My husband let too much grease build up from all our cooking and burnt the outside of the meat. We caught it in time and it still tasted good.)

Back in the day I would travel with him on longer contract jobs, taking in the sights and stopping at interesting places along our drive back. Nowadays most of his contract jobs have dried up, so we are definitely saving on fuel.

Some things that haven’t changed:

We still do our house projects and keep busy. My husband only bought 6 trees so far this year, and I have been super happy not to dig a gazillion holes. We still mulched everything (I hate mulching), planted our meager garden, and watch television in the evenings. We are fortunate to have kept our jobs in this troubled climate and are saving in the event one of the jobs has a layoff. My kitties are still cute, and my husband still plays fetch with his dogs.

What things have changed for you? Do you think things are going to get better, or are we in for more harsh times?

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