Keep Going

I haven’t been writing as many posts for my backlog recently. I’ve been dealing with some stuff that takes time, and right now as I type this I wonder what the future holds.

Do you ever wonder about that? It’s hard to see what the cards read for something out of your control. The worry and anxiety can sometimes eat you alive.

I remember applying for a job once and it taking a month to get everything worked out to receive the official offer letter. I worried big time whether it was going to go through or not, and what that meant for me in either situation. Generally I don’t worry too much—I’m more of a go-with-the-flow person—but sometimes the worry creeps up on me with situations that could go either way.

Of course, my classes didn’t suffer. Classes were online at the time, and my students got taken care of—all the i’s were dotted and t’s crossed.

I tried focusing on my hobbies and things that I enjoyed, but the worry still did not go away. Once I did receive the job offer, an immense wave of relief swept over me but the stress effects lasted for another week.

I really don’t have a motivational wrap-up for this post. I could tell you to stay strong, keep going, push through the unknown and continue traveling forward, but the truth is: sometimes you might need to live in the moment and let the darkness be entertained. Once you’ve faced it, then you can see other possible outcomes and start rising up again. Sometimes telling people I’m sorry, or it will pass with time, does not help the person’s situation. Sometimes halting and pausing for a breath to take it all in is needed, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

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