Food cravings

Sometimes I get a craving for popcorn.

                Like, I think about popcorn until I get home, pop some, and sit on the couch with my low calorie butter spray and a dash of salt and munch away.

Sometimes I crave sushi. Actually, I am addicted to it. There is a place in town that makes good fresh sushi at a decent price. Philadelphia rolls are the best. Eel sauce is awesome. I pass this place on my way home from work, and I stop occasionally to get my fix in (my husband likes sushi as well, and normally I will get him something too, though he is not as addicted as me).

Sometimes I crave pineapple orange juice. It is sooo good. If you add coconut juice as well, even better, though higher in calories. There are times when I feel the need to get my fruit on.

Sometimes I get an urge to eat yogurt, and I will go on a yogurt binge, adding blueberries and blackberries and honey, and just have a nice time eating my mix.

I do not eat tomato sauce—no exceptions. I get cheese sauce on my pizza, and it tastes great that way.

Yes I am hungry right now, so I am going to make you think about food as well.

Have a tasty day!

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