Death by Ice Cream

Once my husband said he was picking up some ice cream from the store. Now, normally when I buy it I get the small containers so I’m not tempted to eat as much. Sweet things are my biggest temptation so I normally don’t keep a lot of ice cream in the house. When my husband shops he gets the half-gallon containers; I still end up eating most of it and feel incredibly guilty about deviating from my somewhat healthy eating.

Usually he gets stuff he likes, such as cookie or chocolate flavored.

Not this fateful day.

No, on this particular ice cream run, he decided to find the best deal for sweetness. He completely glossed over name brands and flavors and picked up the cheapest large tub on sale. He didn’t even look at the flavor.

Once he got home he bragged about his great deal on ice cream. Said that’s how he’s going to shop from now on. I look at the container, take in the colorful pictures, and read the fine print of ingredients.

Lo and behold, one of those ingredients my husband is incredibly allergic to.

So allergic that when we were out with family once, my husband was handed a napkin that had come into contact with said ingredient. A rash broke out on his hand from the contact and we had to make a Benadryl run to keep the swelling down.

And here he had brought it home to eat it.

I immediately pointed it out and promptly gifted the dessert to our neighbors who loved ice cream as well and has no issue with the ingredients.

 Sometimes our choices aren’t always the best. It can take a second pair of eyes to see how to tweak that choice into something better. It never hurts to bounce your actions off of someone who cares about you and wants you to succeed.

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