Cat tree catnip

Cats are the most curious creatures.

In the quarantine days of teaching online all day and keeping up with my writing part of the evening, during a brief respite I bought some twine to redo my cat tree.

The cats had just about mauled it to death, and now they were starting in on the cardboard underbelly of the scratching posts.

So one evening I took a few moments to rewrap up their posts. Mundane work, but the activity was relaxing to me. When I was finished I turned around and saw all the cats staring at me: Socks and Rambo on the bed, and Elsa peeking around the corner on the floor. All three were wide-eyed and wanted to come investigate what I’d done to their beloved cat tree.

So I did what any good cat owner would do: I sprayed catnip on the re-twined posts and watch the kitties rub all over it. Good times for everyone.

What have you done with your pets lately?

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