Cat Night Zoomies and Balls: Sleep, Anyone?

One of my cat’s main goals in life is to play with the belled balls I bought him a few years ago. Socks bats them around like they have catnip in them. What’s really cool is when they roll under the door, he’ll reach for it with a claw, snag the ball, and somehow work it back out from under the door to continue playing with it.

But that constant ringing of the bell irritates my husband so much. Mostly because Socks likes to play with them at night.

We’ll be getting under the covers, chilling for a few, and everything is silent. Then the lights go off and we start to drift off to sleep.

It’s as if Socks knows when to bring forth the zoomies.

He starts batting those balls around and my husband just can’t go to sleep with that noise. Now, it doesn’t bother me at all—I actually find it kind of soothing. But for my husband it’s like nails on a chalkboard. He goes and finds Socks, wherever he is, and takes his ball away. Then comes back to bed.

Until Socks starts messing with another ball. He has a few stashed around the house.

The process repeats itself.

Now my husband hides the balls from Socks, and they only come out during the daytime. Sometimes my husband forgets to pick them up at night, and if Socks is good, then he gets to keep his balls out for the next day. But if he gets the zoomies…then the lockdown happens.

But Socks doesn’t mind too much. I got him catnip mice so when the zoomies do strike he can play in a quieter fashion.

If you’re looking for more amusing cat stories, check out my hilarious cat poetry book, Catnip, Toilet Paper, and Lasers. 9 out of 10 cats approved this book—the 10th one was demanding more treats.

I’m currently working on the sequel now, and am in the self-editing stages. Then once I’m satisfied it’s off to my editor, then another round of tweaks, and finally off to my beta readers. After that more tweaking and then getting it ready to publish. Lol yes, definitely more to it than putting words on a page.  

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