97. Kitty Mischief

There is nothing more relaxing than typing away with a kitty in your lap.

Of course, you are obligated to not move anyway to make sure the kitty jump doesn’t off, but it is soooo cute when they sit in my lap and look at me with a trusting gaze.

Elsa currently sits with me, while her brother Socks is sleeping on the futon behind me.

So I type away, writing blog posts and working on school stuff.

While I don’t consider my kitties as kids, it makes me very happy to hold them and see them run around. When Tiger died last year there was a lot of crying—I still miss him.

I love it when Elsa and Socks jump in and out of mailing boxes, then try to shove each other out. Once when I was cleaning their litter box, there was a basket of freshly washed clothes sitting on top of the dryer. Socks jumped in it, got wrapped up in the clothes, and toppled out with a few shirts straight into the litter I had just cleaned. I busted out laughing, and put the litter filled shirts with the next batch of dirty clothes to wash.

Rambo is the one that sleeps with me. He loves to curl between my legs or lean against me. Sometimes Elsa or Socks will be on the bed to, but mostly they run around at night with their kitty energy. One time my husband heard a noise in the kitchen and went to make sure the cats weren’t on the counters. Sure enough, when he turned on the light, Elsa was licking the pan we had used earlier to make duck. He shooed her off the counter, and when she jumped down she flipped the grease covered spatula off the pan and it smacked my husband in the face. It clattered to the floor, and all dogs and cats rushed for it.

Do you have any pets, dear readers?

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