84. Meal Prepping

One way I have decided to save money this year is to buy food in bulk and meal prep at home for the week.

*Gasp* But don’t you not know how to cook???? Didn’t you almost burn down the house once trying to make hashbrowns?????

Lol I am taking my meager skills, and with the help of my husband, prepping simple meals for the week. For example, I can make pasta now, so I can add a meat to it and some spices and have that for dinner through out the week if I stretch it out. I can use leftover meat and make sandwiches with them. I can eat more egg-based stuff (I’m getting really good with cooking eggs).

One thing I can’t give up though, for now, is sushi.

I loooooove sushi. It’s my food addiction that never goes away. But I plan on learning how to make it in the future so I can make it anytime I crave, and not stop at the store to get some and buy other things I don’t need.

I plan on only making enough food to last me the week plus a few days, so none of it expires. When cleaning out my pantry I realized how much food I was buying when I went to the grocery store hungry, and it expired past the point of being safe to eat. I want to try to minimize that.

Whenever I see something on the menu of a restaurant in the future, I plan on looking up how to make it so I can save a little money by not eating out as much.

Do you have an issue with buying too much food, dear readers? What do you make for your meal preps?

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