83. Weaving Through Thunderstorms

Ever weaved through thunderstorms?

One of the nicest things my husband did for me this past year was direct me through oncoming storms. After teaching my night class I was walking to the parking lot and noticed the sky was dark.

Angry dark.

I called up my husband, who informed me it was headed towards home, and that there was hail in the storm. We had just gotten my car out of the shop, fixed, dent-free, and we wanted to keep it that way.

So for a little over an hour I took a backroads way home, guided over the phone by my husband, who was watching a live radar and telling me where the storms were moving, and which roads to take to bypass them. There was a crazy amount of lightning all around me, but only once did it rain, and it was just light rain.

One of our friends was not so lucky, and drove head-on in the storm. Golf ball-sized hail cracked his windshield, and he barely made it past an accident before the road was shut down.

That’s the road I would have taken if I had gone my usual route.

In taking the alternative way, I weaved in between the moving clouds, and was able to get safely inside our garage before the next onslaught came through.

It’s always nice to have someone watching your back.

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