6a. Anticipation

Photo by Logan Fisher; quote by me.

As I was originally typing this there is was storm outside. I’ve always like rain storms—they can be peaceful and calming. It doesn’t bother our pets either, except one of our cats. He huddles in the hallway so I move his bed into the hallway to give him something to lay on.

I am doing an experiment later today or tomorrow—all my parts came in over the weekend. I am excited and nervous. What if this is the one? What if I have a major breakthrough?

I guess the more realistic question is, what will I learn from this experiment? What will I glean for future experiments? Will I be moving forward, or moving back to the drawing board?

I really like Schrödinger’s cat. That cat has two realities existing at the same time—success and failure. Failure has not happened yet, and success is still a possibility.

From the outside perspective, there is hope.

Of course, you have to open the box eventually. You have to do the experiment and work with the outcome.

Do you ever linger before doing something, thinking about the task before you, and if you will succeed? How do you prepare?

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