63. Smurf Towel

Photo by Will O.; Quote by H. L. Mencken

Recently my husband’s brother bought a house about 3 hours away from where we live. A lot of his stuff, like outdoor things and his boat, where being stored at our house until he found a permanent place to live.

He hauled his boat down while we pulled a trailer of his loose stuff, with a washer and dryer in the bed of the truck. We get down there, unloaded everything, including the washer and dryer, and because it was really hot outside, my husband, who sweats during the winter, was drenched. He asked to take a shower and I gave him the blue towel from the truck to dry off in.

While he was taking his shower, his brother and I hung a shower curtain in the other bathroom. About thirty-ish minutes in we hear my husband yelling, and he comes out demanding a new towel.

Because the blue one has rubbed off on him and he looked like a smurf. Yes, he actually did look like a smurf—a cute smurf lol.

There is no moral to this story—it just funny as heck.

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