20. Kitties!

Okay, I have waited long enough to introduce you to some of the loves of my life: my kitties!

Here is Tiger:

And here is Rambo:

Aren’t they the cutest? Cats are awesome. I grew up with tons of barn cats, and one even followed me while I hiked to nearby places. I loooove cats. There is a reason cats have taken over the Internet people!

Tiger likes to go on walks sometimes, and I take him out on a leash (just short walks in the front or backyard). We found him abandoned in our boat when we moved into our current house. He was sooo tiny his eyes still weren’t opened, and I bottle fed him until he was able to eat regular cat food. Now he likes to follow me around when I do stuff around the house, investigates everything I do, and always demands to sit in any new box.

We got Rambo a year later from a neighbor a few streets down. He had parasites in his stool, and I took him to the vet and got him squared away. I put him in a large cage so Tiger could get used to him (Rambo was tiny, but older than when we first got Tiger), and Rambo had so much energy he practically climbed the sides of the cage!

Soon the kitties were allowed to play with each other, and now they wrestle and snuggle and are great brothers. Cats are the best 😊.

Oh, and by the way, my husband is a dog lover. Here are his dogs, Emma and Sammy:

We can talk about them some other time.

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