15. My new book, Black Cat Scribbles Vol. 1, is now available for purchase!

So, dear readers, the moment has come for me to finally announce my new horror story collection, Black Cat Scribbles Vol. 1, is officially on the market!

Black Cat Scribbles Vol. 1 is a different kind of creature. This eclectic collection offers fresh distortions on the horror genre, ranging from breakup revenge to reality peeling off the walls.

Prepare yourself for a delightfully eclectic collection filled with distortions that twist the horror genre. As described by one reader: “ho. le. crap.”

Can you survive these scary stories as they wrap their tentacles through your imagination and take you to places only whispered by the shadows?

Will you have enough sanity left to keep the lights on?

This twisted knot includes a myriad of stories, from breakup revenge to reality peeling off the walls into delusion. Some characters wonder if they are home alone; another has an underlying fear of their closet; one tells tales of evil unicorns, so vicious they tore into their enemies’ flesh with deadly fangs. Another wonders if the shadow spiders will ever leave them alone, while someone else weaves their fears around toilet paper. All of these stories and more create a web of suspense, chills, and guarantee a spooky evening.

Fans of Edgar Allen Poe and Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark will have a spine-tingling time devouring these stories.

Why horror, you may ask? Well, many years ago I picked up a horror story book, started reading it, and thought I could do better. Thus began my journey into the dark, to bring you back startling stories designed to make you think and wonder if you are truly alone while you read.

I am have some general fiction for sale as well, but with Halloween a few months away, why not push the horror to gear you up for the season.

Check it out, and enjoy, dear readers. May the unsettling be with you.

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