100. Puppy rug compromise

This is my 100th post. After this I am going to stop using numbers in my titles. I did that mostly to keep myself focused and keep this blog alive for 100 posts—it seemed like a good number to test whether I had the chops or not for blogging. Now that I have, and have a system in place, I can keep it running and sharing more stories. So in that spirit, here’s another humous story to kick off the next 100 posts and beyond:

Compromise at its finest.

After we had put in the faux wood floors in our bedroom, there was a debate about what size rug to get. I wanted to small rugs to go on each side of the bed, while my husband wanted one large rug to stretch out from under the bed and extend a few feet out.

We went to the hardware store to look at rugs on sale, and he found this white plush rug. I mentioned it was very tacky looking, but he was incredulous and stuck my hand on it. “Feel how soft it is! Imagine stepping on that every morning.”

And it was soft. Very soft. Just one problem, besides the tacky color: hand wash and spot dry—don’t get wet. I imagined one of my cats throwing up on it and having to look at that stain for the rest of my life.

After I said no, my husband wanted to find the same style rug but in a darker color so you wouldn’t be able to see the stains. I asked for a compromise: if we get the smaller rugs for each side of the bed, he could pick them out.

There was a gleam in his eye when he said okay. I showed him all different kinds of cute patterns, but he was already set on one: plush puppy dog paw rugs. I was not happy, but given it was the size I wanted, I went with it. He thought he was winning by annoying me the puppy paws into getting a bigger one, and I thought I was winning because we saved money with the smaller rugs.

Turns out we both won. As soon as we started using them, he found that the size really was convenient, and I loved the soft plushy feel of the rugs. Plus 100% washable.

In the end, we were both happy with the purchase, and I love stepping onto that puppy paw rug in the morning.

Sometimes you get stuck in a deal and think you are getting the short end of the stick. But occasionally, you end up with something better than originally thought—compromise at its finest.

What have you compromised on lately?

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