Ultimate Deal

My husband found the ultimate deal. At least, in his mind.

Let me preface this to say that he is great to go shopping with, snagging all the deals, haggling with the best, and injecting just enough common sense to keep things rolling.

Like the time we went shopping for kitties. Tiger had passed a few months prior and I had had my heart set on a black kitty (as they are the cutest). We went to a local pet store and they had a tiny pair of black kittens primed for adopting. I held them and they were sweet; my husband held them and they hissed. He looked at me and said, “I can see the craziness in their eyes.”

“That’s just happiness; they’re happy to be held.” One of them hissed again.

He assured me there would be less crazy kittens out there so we left and landed at a small non-profit. This is where we met Socks.

Socks was sweet and purring from the get-go. My husband shoved him in front of other kittens, and while others hissed, Socks was just as chill as can be. I wasn’t entirely convinced and had settled on taking home a just-as-sweet older cat, but when it came time to put the older cat in the carrier it went into razor blade mode and clawed my husband and the lady helping us. Again my husband looked at me and said, “I can see the craziness in his eyes.” I agreed, and we settled on Socks. We picked up his sister Elsa about a month later.

Was this the ultimate deal? Not according to my husband. No, the ultimate deal was he bought a used toilet plunger online from Amazon. Meaning it was discounted because it had already been opened and possibly used.


It arrived with a shiny sticker on the side of the package that read, “Thanks to you, this product has a second life.” He pulled it out and waved the plunger around—his ultimate deal. Now it sits next to our toilet, living its best life only getting used in emergencies.

As for me, I think the best deal in this story was the cats–don’t you agree? What’s been your best deal?

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