Trippin Microwave

It sucks when you try to heat up your lunch in the microwave and it trips the breaker.

It sucks even more when it keeps happening.

This was where I found myself one weekend, wondering what I could do. After my husband reset the breaker a few times, I remembered the microwave my grandmother gave me. She had used it for many years, and then it became a staple in my classroom a few more years. I fished it out of the garage, set it in the kitchen, and boom! we had a working microwave again. Granted, it wasn’t as powerful (it was actually twice as weak), but it did the job.

My husband looked it up and found out the microwave that went out (our built in above the stove) wouldn’t be cheap to replace.

So of course we took it down to tinker with. During that process my husband accidentally turned on one of the stove burners and almost melted his shoe. Injury-free we pulled it out and brought it to the dining room table. He went to work trying to figure out what was wrong.

An hour later, he had it diagnosed and ordered the faulty switch component. It arrived the next day, he put the part in, and I helped him re-install it back above the stove. My grandmother’s microwave went back into the garage.

There was no yelling, no anger, or giving up. We had a problem, each contributed how they could to help, and we took care of it. This is what good partnership looks like—whether it be a marriage, a work relationship, or even a friendship. Find people that support you and don’t give up when the going gets a little bumpy. It’s totally worth it.

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