Something’s Coming: Writing Update

According to the cat, all things belong to the cat. It takes what it wants, when it wants, and then demands scratches. Feel the purr.

According to the dog, all attention belongs to the dog. When you come home from work, or just sitting on the couch, or just anytime, the dog wants to be petted. Feel the licks.

According to the goldfish, all food…it forgot. Goldfish forget all the time. They make good pets and they are pretty to look at, but they are so forgetful.

According to books, imagination rules all. They bring you to worlds without leaving your home, allow pets to actually talk to us, and even goldfish can remember what they were thinking about. Feel the spark.

I am currently working on a new Rorai project while doing some tweaking on my upcoming Spear releases. This past weekend I finished up some loose ends for my October releases, so now everything should be finally ready to go. Some beta reads are coming in for my witch series that is set to release in January under my M.G. Spear pen name, so I am working on incorporating their suggestions and changes into my series.

As for the new M.G. Rorai project, it’s in the research stages currently. I am about a fourth of a way through a draft of a Catnip, Toilet Paper, and Lasers sequel, but I may set it aside for another project I’ve been tooling around with, a possible cat chapter book series, or something along those lines (thus the research stage). I have a rough outline written that seems promising so we shall see where it takes me. If it does become a series I would love to have the whole thing written before I start releasing, so I’m thinking maybe a March or May release if everything goes smoothly.

I’m looking forward to my October releases, Creature Cat Tales and Nightmares & Twisted Thoughts. Halloween season is my jam, so I’ve gotta have some spooktacular releases to celebrate.

Nightmares & Twisted Thoughts will be a short horror story collection, filled with gothic vibes sure to make you question turning off the light at night. From deadly swims to killer unicorns, these stories are what spiders whisper about in the shadows.

Creature Cats Tales will delight kids with all kinds of different creatures, from bat-cats to zombie-cats to Franken-cat, as they learn. This whimsically funny collection of life quotes and poetry conveys vital life lessons for kids in easy-to-understand, bite-sized chunks. Your child will love the colorful, interesting cat-like creatures as they read.

Bring on pumpkin everything!

Endnote: I’m thinking about doing a staggered release of these two books instead of releasing them at the same time. This means that one might get published a little sooner than the other. To be in the know when they go live, click here to subscribe and be the first to get notified when they publish.

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