Doggie Door Solutions

When we were building our sunroom one of the features was to build in a doggie door so Sammie and Emma could go in and out as they pleased. Sammie was no issue as she had always been skinny, but Emma…

Well, Emma had started out skinny, but then hormones ensued before we got her fixed and messed with her metabolism. She gained a lot of weight and never lost it.

When the time came to pick out a doggie door I told my husband (who was picking one up after work) to get an extra-large.

He brought home a large. “It says it fits Labradors,” he said.

“Let’s see if it fits over her body,” I replied.

I held Emma while he tried to slide the doggie frame over her midsection. It got stuck. I didn’t gloat too much about being right. “Told you,” I said. He went back to the store and exchanged it for an extra-large.

Sometimes life seems like it bottlenecks with problems, and we won’t be able to move past them. Obstacles get in the way; tragedy strikes; a no comes out of nowhere. During times like these, it’s best to carry a chisel mentality and carve a larger opening to wiggle a solution through or around your problems.

Oh, and another great thing about giant doggie doors? We are dog-sitting this month for my brother-in-law, and even though his dog Buddy is small, we didn’t even worry about him not fitting through the door–it fits even Great Danes. The giant size really has come in handy.

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